Friday, August 25, 2006

you make me happy....

Yellooo!! Once a Powderfinger memeber comes to this country everything starts going crazy:-)Bernard coming to Toronto, Powderfinger working on their new album, Ian (lead guitarist) and Cogs (drummer) both wrote a little blog updating us (hungry fans) about their recording and everyday life.
Ok so I don't have to say much about Bernard right now considering that I already talked about him in my other blog (not here), heehheeh. I can't get enough of that guy. I mean musicially wise ;-))).
For those who are not Powderfinger fans (shame on you :P) this blog may be boring to you then. For those that breathe for Powderfinger (hello I'm the best example) this blog will be fun. I'm happy. And as Miki was the live proof two years ago of how much this band makes me happy she will tell you how hilarious that is. I am telling you no one is able to make me happy in that way and even if some of you piss me off and make me sad I say f*ck that because I have something that always brings smile to my face...:-)

Now here's a little message from silly drummer Cogs (pssttt Miki please read the last few paragraphs, it's hilarious hahahahaha). He reminds me of you. I kept reading it and laughing (um he's single but well I guess it's too late for two of you now considering that you're pregnant hahahahaha :P)...Read it!!

Gday everyone,
Hope things are well with all of you. I'm just writing to tell you that the band is back together after a year off.
We all met in our rehearsal space in Brisbane last Monday (30/02/06) and spent the next few days cleaning it and setting it up for jamming and recording some dodgy (but brilliant) demos. I couldnt believe how much fun it was to play a riff over and over for 15 minutes at a time. We did that for about two days, with different riffs and ideas of course, and well be doing it for the next few months. Hot fun, if you ask me. I think having a year off makes you realise a few things.

It was great to catch up with everyone. They've all been keeping themselves busy. A fare few of you would know that Bernards been doing really well with his solo stuff. If you dont know about it, do yourself a favour (as Molly Meldrum says) and get a copy of his album. He's touring in the next few months as well.

In fact everyone has been making music except me.

Young Darius has been touring the BDO with his band Drag and doing some great gigs mid year. He and his partner also had a baby boy during the year named Arden (sorry I dont know the statistics and I havent changed a nappy yet). He's also been producing some other bands at his home studio (Lunch Box Studios) in Brisbane.

Hoggy and his wife also had a baby girl during the year (virile bunch arent we) named Ruby. After getting married at the start of the year and the baby, hes been fairly busy. He's also got a side project happening, with JC.

JC and Hoggy have formed a band called The Predators with Stephen Bishop (Bish), the original drummer for powderfinger. It's a sort of swampy 80s rock influenced thing with Bish providing some amazing vocals. Hopefully you'll all get to hear it in the near future.JCs also been renovating his house, and become quite an architect in the process. Although, it seems he's been renovating houses for the last ten years, so he'd want to be pretty good by now.
As for me, I also renovated a house where I live at the Sunshine Coast. Thanks to everyone who helped. As for children, I dont think I had any. this past year anyway. I also went on a few surf trips overseas (lifes tough hey?).

So over the next few months we're going to write some tunes and hopefully get into a studio before the end of the year. We don't have a deadline at the moment. It might take two weeks for all I know. Well keep you informed on what's going on and when we'll be doing a shopping centre tour with Human Nature and the kids from Oz Idol.

Take it easy,love Cogs


Of course you can find Ian's message he wrote this month on their official web site.

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Miki said...

"as for the children i don't think i had any" hahahahahahaah so how many women does that playboy bed daily if he can't remember if he maybe made some of them pregnant...hehehehehhehe....he's a hottie i remember the first time i noticed hahaha it was hilarious i was like "hmmmm how come i haven't noticed he's hot before?" BUT yes i mean sure we're both renovating our house and doing not much else still there's no future for us i'm afraid....LOL LOL LOL