Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ever since I met you I can't make it right

It's been a long time since I was on here writing. I spend more time reading blogs by others but again not any blogs. It's mainly two blogs by very talented girls one being a music journalist and another being a writer and theatre girl.

I was at the cottage last week and came back on Sunday night. One has to admit that going away even for few days can do wonders for your brain and your whole being in general. This being my second blog space I don't tend to come here and write as much as I do on my other page where I have my own reader audience:-)..I guess part of my motivation comes from the thing that you have those who like to read your stuff.

By the way isn't it funny how you can't get, ever, tired of some songs. For example, the song "Missing" by Everything but the Girl has been one of my fave since the first time I heard it on the radio...it was in 1994. I can never get tired of it or sick of it. Some songs are simply there to last forever and can't be replaced by anything. I read an interesting poem called "killing time" by Beau Sia that my friend posted on her page and now I want to share a little part with you guys...It goes something like this:


And you're the goddess I lost not making demands.
and you're the soulmate I forgot thinking about art in the form of myself.
and you're the love I need now, but can only ache for,
because more than distance, growth has separated us and I'd say a prayer,
but I don't think you'll answer it.
we've ceased to believe in magic.
all we have now is the idea of it, and we hold onto it like we're still in each others arms.

It's beautiful. I've been likinig someone for a long time. He always puts smile on my face even to this day but we've always been just friends and that is one part that kind of sucks but stop that is not what I really meant. I mean that when you meet someone you know there's more to it than just pure friendship, but then due to not being able to say a thing you just continue in being a friend. Now after such long time I am learning to let go of that certain amazment and attachment that I had for him. He'll always be my close friend and I will finally stop to wonder what would happen if we took it a little bit further....

I only kissed him in my dreams.

That's a life...


Miki said...

I'm telling you kissing him in your dreams is not enough. You should definetely try kissing him in person. Even if he thinks it's wrong hahaahah...i don't think your fascination with him is gonna go away any time soon. I just hear it in your voice. I know you'll try but you won't let go that easy.

D said...

Yes it may sound like that but eventually I will let it go. I WILL. Mark my words on this!!!

There's no point in waisting the time on things that are not happening:-)...Life is too short so I am moving on, slowly but surly..:-)

Miki said...

Ok i'll keep that in mind. BUT if you don't improve towards getting him out of your head then i'll smack you up hahahahahah