Saturday, December 23, 2006

Oh I love you horrifically!!

My dear friends I have to admit...I really do...I can't keep it inside anymore :p....I love these five ugly, energetic, punk/rock -sickishly- skinny chaps from London, UK. They're called The Horrors (no wonder they are really horrific lol). Their EP is finally available at HMV so get it while you can. Their sound is mix of old and scary, and fast, and loud and so damn addictive! "Jack the Riper" must be my fav song of all...It has that James Bond attitude...:D.....In my opinion those 5 songs on that EP are not enough...I want more, more, more...I think one of the biggest reasons that you can give for wanting to move to UK is because of f*cking music...AND I can promise you one thing you will not be able to sit still while you're listening to the Horrors.
Happy Holidays everyone!!! Music will save the day ;-))

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