Wednesday, July 11, 2007

people are pathetic :D

Yesterday I got annoyed with an article about Avril being accused of steailing someone's tune and making "Girlfriend" out of it. Well I went and checked the other song by the Rubinoos band (I never heard of until now) who is filing a suit against her and the songs don't even sound the same let alone anything else. First I was never Avril's fan to make that clear and her music was always blah to me but there's one thing that does irritate me is when someone is accusing someone else of something that after all is bull. It was told that she copied some song from 1970 as you all know. The song is called "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" and the only thing that song has in common with "Girlfriend" is -hey, hey, hey/I wanna/bf-gf. That's all, few freaking words, not even a melody or anything can relate to one another. If I heard this 1970 song before Avril's tune I wouldn't even link those two.

In that case that means that Iggy Pop should sue Jet because it's so obvious their hit song was pretty much the same as Iggy's. So really what comes to my mind is this 1970s band that no one pays attention to anymore wants to get some money and gain (again) attention by making some accusations that are pure shit. The easiest thing is to go and say someone stole your tune.

How many bands make songs that sound like some other tune? You will always sound like someone else or close enough. As the time goes by there's nothing to invent anymore. Everything has been used really so how about those bands whose career is pretty much over get a life and let others do their own work. If you are going to sue someone then have a good reason to do so. And when I went to the Rubinoos myspace page people left all kinds of comments about giving them support and how Avril is crap and she should get what she deserves, bla bla bla...
To me this has nothing to do about ripping someone's song but people finally getting a chance to attack Avril, or whoever, because they don't like her music so why not wish her all the bad stuff that she can get in life because she never did anyting to you personally but just played music you hate.

I'm not Avril's fan as mentioned but I will not trash her or anyone and say - yes she should get sued and never make another album, she deserves it, she should drop dead, and other childish bull.
Geez people are really getting pathetic or maybe they always were I just didn't pay much attention before.