Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm giving you some cool videos of Syd Barrett Story (5 parts documentary)

"Syd Barrett: (asked if he listened to other people's music) I don't really buy many records - there's so much around that you don't know what to listen to. All I've got at home is Bo Diddley, some Stones and Beatles stuff and old jazz records. I like Family, they do some nice things. "

Growing up I would hear some of (the) Pink Floyd's popular songs/music but I was never a huge fan so to speak although I did like some of their stuff (not so much the endless David Gilmour's instrumental stuff). Then one day few years ago I was curious about the history of this band (I was basically clueless about who the Pink Floyd memebers were mainly because I didn't care to look) but then later I wanted to learn about it too (blame it on my 'want to know it all' attitude). I went and did the whole wikipedia thing and came across the name Syd Barrett - founding member of Pink Floyd...The moment I saw his picture (he for sure stood out in the band) and continued reading about his life, including his tragic end of him leaving everything that has to do with the band and music, I got hooked on his persona. There was this period where I was Syd Barrett obsessed, finding and reading everything that was available and buying the Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett CD. Well to this day I consider myself to be admirerer of his creativity and what he contributed to music with all its weirdness in such short period of time.

I prefer not to listen about his demise as it seems that's what people who talk about him do a lot. In general humans prefer to talk about drama rather than artistic part of someone's personality.

Syd Barrett Story - 2003 Part I

Syd Barrett Story - 2003 Part II

Syd Barrett Story - 2003 Part III

Syd Barrett Story - 2003 Part IV

Syd Barrett Story - 2003 Part V

Roger Water: (1975) I'm very sad about Syd, I wasn't for years. For years I suppose he was a threat because of all that bollocks written about him and us. Of course he was very important and the band would never have fucking started without him because he was writing all the material. It couldn't have happened without him but on the other hand it couldn't have gone on *with* him. He may or may not be important in rock'n'roll anthology terms but he's certainly not nearly as important as people say in terms of Pink Floyd. So I think I was threatened by him.


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I can't see the videos, cause they're private. Please send them to or youtube account ente 1993.

D said...

Hey there ente 1993:-) I fixed the video links and I also sent you a message on youtube. I'm probably late with this reply but just in case. Thanks for reading!