Friday, June 13, 2008


I know that I don't update this blog much but then again it's all my fault. Few years ago I had many readers here and then I made one of those long breaks and now have to get the so called attention again..Actually it doesn't matter...this is still a good thing to have with readers or not...ANYWAY, I'm not here to write about this nonsense...I'm actually very much under soccer and Euro2008 spell...Of course supporting my home country's team Croatia. By the way thanks to all non-Croatian supporters:-) Yes, our team is amazing and we also have to thank our great coach Slaven Bilic!

Well for those who don't know we have beaten England's team twice in the qualifying that's why they're not in Euro this year. I've been reading every single news from English and Croatian media and forums too and it was nice to see how many English supporters we have. In one of the articles they say how word has leaked out that a bandy team of Englishmen is camping its way across Austria following the Croatia national team, and the news has spread like wildfire. English guys also made a web page called Become A Croatian Fan so check it out and become a fan!!

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